Antiquities of the Black Sea.

Antiquities of the Black Sea

Polish-Ukrainian program of scientific and research cooperation

  The program includes:

1.  Institute of Archeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (the program is managed by Alfred Twardecki)
2. Institute of Archaeology of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine (the program is managed by Alla Buiskikh)

 The goal of the program is

 1. Scientific cooperation
     a) Further development of joint Polish-Ukrainian scientific research
     b) Preparation of the excavations' reports carried out under the project
     c) Organizing regular scientific conferences devoted to the subject of the project

 2. Archaeological cooperation
     a) Archaeological research in the Greek city of Olbia Pontica 

 3. Conservation cooperation
     a) Conservation cooperation in the area of ​​the Olbia site
     b) Exchange of visits by conservators

 4. Exhibition cooperation
     a) an exhibition of art related to the Black Sea area in antiquity

 5. Publishing cooperation
     a) Publications resulting from cooperation under the Program