Preliminary Report 2009

The archaeological campaign of 2009 lasted from the 23rd of July till the 26th of August. 

Polish Participants: Alfred Twardecki (head of the project), Marcin Matera (IA UW), Inga Głuszek (IA UMK at Torun), Wiesław Małkowski (IA UW), Bartosz Wojciechowski (IA UW). 
Ukrainian Participants: Aleksiey Zin'ko (archaeologist), Leonid Ponomariov (drawer), Mark Kotin (drawer). Physical work was executed by 37 local workers. 

Preliminary Report 2008

The investigations of the Mission were run between the 28th of July and the 22nd of August. The efforts were concentrated on two different issues. Firstly, in Trench XIII the Mission documented an early-Christian basilica. This investigation will help in the conservation project prepared by the Ukrainian partners. In trench XXVII, on the other hand, the Mission launched archaeological excavations. 

List of participants, 2008.