Olbia 2016-2018

Olbia Archaeological Report 2016

Olbia: Trench R-23.

Archaeological report from excavations conducted by the National Museum in Warsaw in the 2016 field season



In 2016, Polish Archaeological Mission “Olbia” of the National Museum in Warsaw (NMW) began its first excavation season at the Olbia site (Ukraine, Mykolaiv Oblast) in cooperation with the Institute of Archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (IA NASU). The following persons took part in excavation works:

Programm Annual Report 2016

- the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage resumed funding of the project in a new formula: the project’s name was changed to "Antiquities of the Black Sea", which reflects the current status of research interests held by persons participating in the project.

- 25-30 April – visit by Alfred Twardecki in Kyiv. The rules of cooperation under the program were agreed with the leadership of IA NASU, with a special emphasis on the NMW excavations in Olbia. Also, a framework plan for archaeological activities to be pursued until the end of 2018 was agreed.